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Austin Harris is not the kind of man you want to double-cross, he's fiercely loyal to his band, and to his family. As one-fifth of the biggest bands in the world, he's got women dropping to their knees with just a blink of an eye but his heart is locked away and he threw the key a long time ago. When his college girlfriend, broke his heart, something snapped inside of him and he's never been able to let her go. When an encounter in an LA Hospital puts Suzie back in his life, he sees it as a second chance, but Suzie's hiding something that could change everything.


Suzie Thomas has worked her ass off to have a good life, a better life than the one she had growing up. Now an ER nurse at a top LA hospital, she's got her life together. The last person she ever expected to see walk into her emergency room was Austin. He's the only man she's ever loved, the one man she walked away from with a lot more than a broken heart. He says he wants her back but the secret she's been keeping for the past 10 years might just push him away.

When trust is broken and love is put to the test, can these two dance to the beat of the music?