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Austin Harris is not the kind of man you want to double-cross, he's fiercely loyal to his band, and to his family. As one-fifth of the biggest bands in the world, he's got women dropping to their knees with just a blink of an eye but his heart is locked away and he threw the key a long time ago. When unforeseen circumstances bring him back home after a decade, he has to make peace with the past for a second chance at true love, but Suzie's hiding something that could change everything.

Suzie Thomas thought she would have it all, but then the love of her life walked away from her leaving her standing in the dust. She's worked hard to make something out of her life, but when tragedy comes knocking, she'll have to fight to stay above water. She never expected to see Austin roll back into town, but now that he's back, there's no avoiding him.

When trust is broken and love is put to the test, can these two dance to the beat of the music?