Andrew Callaway doesn't do love not since Amanda Watkins broke his heart and left him in a cloud of a dust. She was the love of his life until she wanted more than what he could give her. Devoting himself to the family ranch, he became a man his dad would be proud, minus the one night stands. Now 5 years after watching her drive away, Amada is back in his life and he finds himself wanting more than meaningless one night stands, a lot more...


Amanda Watkins left Montana with a beat up pickup truck and a broken heart to follow her dream of becoming a chef. Now, 5 years after watching Andrew Callaway fade away in her rearview mirror, she's back in Montana and dead set on avoiding the man she still dreams about. But when she's hired to cater his brother's wedding, old sparks run hot and if she thought the boy was dangerous, she's about to find out that the man is lethal. 


Sometimes your first love is also your last