Becca Callaway grew up with 4 older brothers that thought her to never show weakness but you can only keep dark secrets to yourself for so long. Five years ago, Becca packed her bags and left Montana behind carrying a broken heart and an unborn child. Josh Thompson was the only man she ever loved and the only man she ever lied to but now she's home to face the music. Can the broken heart of a teenage girl heal its wounds to let a woman have her chance at true love?


Josh Thompson cares about two things: his family and his ranch. One summer, he let his best friend's little sister crawl her way into his heart and then he pushed her away like she meant nothing to him. When Josh learns that Becca wasn't the only thing he pushed out of his life all those years ago, he knows he gave up the best thing that's ever happened to him. Josh won't stop until his family his back together and if he has to relive the past to make Becca his future, he won't hesitate to do it.

Can these two lost souls heal each other or will they destroy what's left of their hearts?