Rex McCabe was just voted one of America's hottest chefs, his brand new restaurant is the hit of the town and he just signed a book deal. He should be happy but he can't shake the feeling that something is missing in his life. When his partner suggests that he take two weeks off in Hawaii he feels like it's the last thing he needs until an accident with a fishing line leads him to Dr. Kendall Redmond.


Kendall Redmond is the only doctor on the small island on the off shore of Hawaii which always makes her days interesting. Ever since her husband divorced her and her curves, Kendall swore that she would divorce her love affair with food. She was doing so good too until Rex McCabe walked into her ER with a fishing hook in his hand looking like every woman's fantasy.

Rex and Kendall embark on a discovery of

playful pleasures in and out of the kitchen, but when reality calls him back to LA, can these two find a recipe for love?

© 2015 Kaithlin Shepherd

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