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Kennedy Johnson has worked her whole life to build a name for herself as one of the top financial crimes assistant US attorney. Her brother might be the one with the badge, but she's a force to be reckon with in the courtroom. Her professional life is on the rise, her personal life on the other hand, lies in the hands of the one man who won't touch her: Blake King. When her career is put in jeopardy by a hacker, she'll have to decide if love is worth the risk

Blake King is the last man on earth a parent wants to see their daughter falling for. So when he meets his best friend's little sister, he makes a promise to himself to stay away from her. Fifteen years later, she's everything that matters to him and walking away from her is not an option. When Blake catches her sleeping in her car, he knows something is terribly wrong. Getting her to open up has always been hard, but he's learned that giving her choice is just an illusion.

They'll have to stand together one last time, or risk losing it all.