Nick Callaway never imagined that the stories his dad used to tell him about finding true love would be true but when Emilia Clark walks into his life he knows she's the one. After a few weeks of the best sex he's ever had, Emilia runs back to Austin without a word leaving him in broken pieces. When his brother's clinic brings the love of life back into his life, Nick knows that loving her won't be easy, but he never expected it to be this hard.


Emilia Clark has worked hard to become one of the best trauma psychologists in the country which is ironic considering she's never recovered from her own. The first time she meets Nick, spark flies and the flame burns hot but Emilia knows that if she doesn't run, she'll end up getting burned. When she ends up back in Montana to stay, she knows she has to face her past if she wants a future with Nick, but can she let him in or will she run one last time?