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Mike Savage doesn't do love or commitment, as the lead guitarist of one of the hottest bands in the world, finding a woman for the night is as easy as a flashing a smile until he meets Makyala Black and her daughter Riley. When Makayla walked into his life, two years ago, Mike knew his life would never be the same but anything worth keeping comes with a fight, and he won't hesitate to play dirty to win.


Makayla Black doesn't date rock stars, well at least not anymore. After her ex left her pregnant, broke and alone, she doesn't trust men who make a living on stage but the pull she feels for the Saints and Sinners guitarist is testing her restraint. But this isn't just about her; she has a daughter to think about… When Mike decides he wants more, a lot more, will she be able to trust him?


Life in the spotlight is never easy but when these two find themselves in the midst of a high profile custody case, all bets are off because he isn't letting anyone take away what's his.