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Jarrod Banks is the famous front man of Saints and Sinners, the biggest group in country music. He's got the looks and the voice that make women swoon and he knows how to take advantage of it. Patricia is the one woman who's ever held his heart but the stubborn brunette has gotten good at keeping him at arms' length. She's the one woman he's going to have to fight for and he's not afraid to fight dirty.


Patricia Monroe has been there every step of the way, working alongside Saints and Sinners as their publicist since that first time she saw them perform. For five years, she has kept her attraction to Jarrod under wraps, enduring his endless troll of women, but one day locked in an elevator, revelations are made that could change it all.

When an interview tears them apart, Jarrod is left with no other option than to pull every dirty trick in the book to show her she's the only woman he'll ever love.

am Brooks is the musical genius behind Saints and Sinners, one of the biggest bands in the world but behind the scenes he's battling demons few people know about. When their management suggest that the band work with a consultant to launch a charity project, the last thing expects is the wave of protectiveness he gets when he starts working with Abigail Daniels.


A heart of gold, a fierce determination and a body to die for is pushing all of Sam's buttons and he plans to create a hook she can't let go of...

 Abigail Lockhart loves working with charities but lately she's been feeling the need for a change. The last thing she expects is an offer from Saints and Sinners to work on a charity project. Abigail's been hurt and betrayed more times than she cares to think about, the last thing she needs in her life is a man....until Sam Brooks walks into her office. She can't fight the pull Sam has on her and the harder she fights him, the harder he fights for her heart.


When demons from Sam's past come barging in will the one woman he can't live without stand by him or will she break his heart

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Mike Savage doesn't do love or commitment, as the lead guitarist of one of the hottest bands in the world, finding a woman for the night is as easy as a flashing a smile until he meets Makyala Black and her daughter Riley. When Makayla walked into his life, two years ago, Mike knew his life would never be the same but anything worth keeping comes with a fight, and he won't hesitate to play dirty to win.


Makayla Black doesn't date rock stars, well at least not anymore. After her ex left her pregnant, broke and alone, she doesn't trust men who make a living on stage but the pull she feels for the Saints and Sinners guitarist is testing her restraint. But this isn't just about her; she has a daughter to think about… When Mike decides he wants more, a lot more, will she be able to trust him?


Life in the spotlight is never easy but when these two find themselves in the midst of a high profile custody case, all bets are off because he isn't letting anyone take away what's his.

Austin Harris is not the kind of man you want to double-cross, he's fiercely loyal to his band, and to his family. As one-fifth of the biggest bands in the world, he's got women dropping to their knees with just a blink of an eye but his heart is locked away and he threw the key a long time ago. When unforeseen circumstances bring him back home after a decade, he has to make peace with the past for a second chance at true love, but Suzie's hiding something that could change everything.

Suzie Thomas thought she would have it all, but then the love of her life walked away from her leaving her standing in the dust. She's worked hard to make something out of her life, but when tragedy comes knocking, she'll have to fight to stay above water. She never expected to see Austin roll back into town, but now that he's back, there's no avoiding him.

When trust is broken and love is put to the test, can these two dance to the beat of the music?

As a photojournalist, Grace Williams has spent the last decade travelling around the world capturing images that give a voice to some of the most marginalized communities. When her editor forces her to take a break, Grace finds herself back in Nashville; the city that gave her a night she hasn’t stopped thinking about. 


For one night, Tyler Black felt what it was like to have the woman you’ve waited for your whole life within reach. Then, she vanished into thin air. For months, she’s all he’s thought about, and when a twist of faith brings them back together, Tyler is determined to do everything he can to make sure she doesn’t run off this time. 


She travels the world; he’s the rockstar every woman wants-- are their differences too much or will they find a way to come together?