As one of the top Assistant US Attorneys in the country, Savannah Walker is smart, ambitious, and she doesn't back down from a challenge, unless it comes in the form of Noah Johnson. Savannah's been in love with her best friend's brother longer than she cares to admit, but risking their friendship isn't on her to-do list. When building a case against a drug trafficker, she's assigned to a DEA task force led by the one man she can't shake. She has no idea if this case will bring them together or tear them apart.

DEA, Noah Johnson, risks his life every day. With a world filled with blood and bullets, he's unwilling to chance Savannah's life. Keeping her at bay for years, Noah has forced himself to never cross that line, but lately, he can't get her out of his head. When an investigation into a drug trafficker reveals a mole in Savannah's office, Noah will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.


One look at Annabelle Stevens and no one would ever know she's a top Assistant US Attorney. When a new boss assigns her to an elite DEA-led task force, she's put in close proximity to the one man she can't shake: Connor Evans. For years, she's been in love with him, and for years, he's played yo-yo with her heart.

Abandoned by his parents, tossed around from one foster home to the next until his best friend's family took him in, Connor Evans is the proverbial bad boy with a badge. For more than ten years, he's kept Annabelle at a distance, convinced that his kind of screwed-up doesn't belong anywhere near her.

When one case muddles the line between personal and professional, mistakes are made. Connor has no choice but to step up if he wants to win her trust and her heart back


All of her life Zoe Brown has served others, and as the top assistant district attorneys in New York City, she's a force to be reckoned with. She's kind, compassionate, and generous but if you let that kindness fool you, she'll put you behind bars in the blink of an eye. Working with sex crimes victims is never easy but when a case from her past jeopardizes her future, there's only one person she'll trust: Logan.

Logan Matthews is one of those men you don't want to mess with. He was raised on the wrong side of the streets, but the NYPD gave him a second chance. His family are the seven people he would give his life for, and his future is Zoe Kingston. When the kidnappers they thought were gone for good come back with a vengeance, Logan will have to decide if his badge means more than the woman he loves…


NOTE: This is Book 1 of 2 and ends with a cliffhanger

Kennedy Johnson has worked her whole life to build a name for herself as one of the top financial crimes assistant US attorneys. Her brother might be the one with the badge, but she's a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. Her professional life is on the rise, her personal life, on the other hand, lies in the hands of the one man who won't touch her: Blake King. When her career is put in jeopardy by a hacker, she'll have to decide if love is worth the risk

Blake King is the last man on earth a parent wants to see their daughter falling for. So when he meets his best friend's little sister, he makes a promise to himself to stay away from her. Fifteen years later, she's everything that matters to him and walking away from her is not an option. When Blake catches her sleeping in her office, he knows something is terribly wrong. Getting her to open up has always been hard, but he's learned that giving her a choice is just an illusion.

They'll have to stand together one last time or risk losing it all.