Take the journey with the oldest Callaway brother as he finds and fights for true love.Jamie Caldwell has always been the odd woman out but after being captured and tortured during a humanitarian mission in Darfur she finds herself at a crossroads in her life. When her only chance at a full recovery sends her to Montana, she doesn't know what to expect but the minute she sees Cole Callaway everything changes. Jamie knows that this man could make or break her and giving in to their instant attraction could change her life. 


Cole Callaway came back home from Afghanistan a different man; a wounded man. He's taken the cards he's been dealt and build a clinic to help wounded veterans get back some of what they lost. He's fighting some of his demons but the moment Jamie walks into his life he finds himself fighting a different kind of fight. He knows he could never let her walk out of his life, but Cole faces the biggest mission of his life: Make Jamie stay in Montana and if he has his way in his bed. 

Can Cole get pass Jamie's defenses and make her see that she belongs with him?


Andrew Callaway doesn't do love not since Amanda Watkins broke his heart and left him in a cloud of a dust. She was the love of his life until she wanted more than what he could give her. Devoting himself to the family ranch, he became a man his dad would be proud, minus the one night stands. Now 5 years after watching her drive away, Amada is back in his life and he finds himself wanting more than meaningless one night stands, a lot more...


Amanda Watkins left Montana with a beat up pickup truck and a broken heart to follow her dream of becoming a chef. Now, 5 years after watching Andrew Callaway fade away in her rearview mirror, she's back in Montana and dead set on avoiding the man she still dreams about. But when she's hired to cater his brother's wedding, old sparks run hot and if she thought the boy was dangerous, she's about to find out that the man is lethal. 


Sometimes your first love is also your last



John Callaway has always been the responsible one, the one always there when someone needed a helping hand. He spends most of his days locked away in his office, crunching down numbers and placing orders. When a mysterious brunette rolls into town, John is immediately drawn to her. He knows she's hiding something and he can't help but make her feel safe. For a year, they've been spending all of their free time together and John wants more. When Abbie's past rolls into town, he'll do whatever he needs to keep her safe because she's his now.


Abbie Johnson has been on the run for so long, she can't remember what home feels like until her cars stops in the middle of a small town in the middle of Montana. For a year now, she's been the happiest she's ever been working at the diner and spending time with the one person who's showed her that good men exist. Abbie finally feels free to build something with John, but your past always catches up with you. When her abusive ex-husband shows up in town, Abbie will have to trust the men she's grown to love to keep her safe or risk losing everything.


Nick Callaway never imagined that the stories his dad used to tell him about finding true love would be true but when Emilia Clark walks into his life he knows she's the one. After a few weeks of the best sex he's ever had, Emilia runs back to Austin without a word leaving him in broken pieces. When his brother's clinic brings the love of life back into his life, Nick knows that loving her won't be easy, but he never expected it to be this hard.


Emilia Clark has worked hard to become one of the best trauma psychologists in the country which is ironic considering she's never recovered from her own. The first time she meets Nick, spark flies and the flame burns hot but Emilia knows that if she doesn't run, she'll end up getting burned. When she ends up back in Montana to stay, she knows she has to face her past if she wants a future with Nick, but can she let him in or will she run one last time?


Becca Callaway grew up with 4 older brothers that thought her to never show weakness but you can only keep dark secrets to yourself for so long. Ten years ago, Becca packed her bags and left Montana behind carrying a broken heart and a secret that can never be revealed. Can the broken heart of a teenage girl heal its wounds to let a woman have her chance at true love?

Josh Thompson cared about two things: his family and his ranch. Until the day he let his best friend's little sister crawl her way into his heart. Together, they learned the power of young love, and the devastation that can come with loving someone.

Can these two lost souls heal each other or will they destroy what's left of their hearts?