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Grace Williams is a war photographer in between assignments who is just looking for some down time at the beach. The last thing she wants to be doing is attend an exclusive evening with Saints and Sinners that her best friend just won. After witnessing life and death situations all around the world, Grace doesn't feel like hanging out with a bunch of self centered rock stars. But sometimes what you get is what you least expected, and Tyler Black is definitely unexpected.

Tyler Black is fed up with groupies who only want a piece of him so the last thing he wants to do is entertain two of them for a night…until he sees the redhead with killer legs stepping out of the car. When Grace makes it clear, she isn't interested, Tyler takes a step back and lets her get to know him on her terms, but sometimes love doesn't play fair. When their philanthropic advisor presents them with an opportunity to play a concert and travel for a charity that Grace works with, Tyler knows that this is his chance but Grace isn't letting him that easy.

When two different lives come together, can music change their course?