John Callaway has always been the responsible one, the one always there when someone needed a helping hand. He spends most of his days locked away in his office, crunching down numbers and placing orders. When a mysterious brunette rolls into town, John is immediately drawn to her. He knows she's hiding something and he can't help but make her feel safe. For a year, they've been spending all of their free time together and John wants more. When Abbie's past rolls into town, he'll do whatever he needs to keep her safe because she's his now.


Abbie Johnson has been on the run for so long, she can't remember what home feels like until her cars stops in the middle of a small town in the middle of Montana. For a year now, she's been the happiest she's ever been working at the diner and spending time with the one person who's showed her that good men exist. Abbie finally feels free to build something with John, but your past always catches up with you. When her abusive ex-husband shows up in town, Abbie will have to trust the men she's grown to love to keep her safe or risk losing everything.